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Eco Church

Part of the overall plan for the future of St Anne’s Church is to try and make us more “eco friendly”.

This ranges from including more about the environment and caring for God’s world in services, prayers and worship in general to changing to recyclable toilet paper!

Many of the aims are tricky to achieve but might be something we can push for as a Diocesan matter such as a switch to green energy for all local churches and some things we continue to work on locally, as an example we do not have a bike rack-if we did would more folk cycle to church?

As a start we have created a small allotment behind the church office and have potatoes, onions and squash growing as well as a compost heap to provide resources for next year’s crops. We had hoped to involve junior church, the Rainbows group and Pixies in planting seeds, watering and seeing the plants grow and finally eating the end result but Covid has clearly stopped that for this year.

In addition we are trialling a wild flower area in the garden and possibly looking at keeping bees too.

We would love everyone to join in however they would like to – there must be a wealth of experience out there and we need lots more eco friendly ideas to help maintain the momentum.

So if you have an idea or suggestion to make us more environmentally aware and have been unable to make it happen before please contact us through the form below or Kate Dyerson who is leading on this . Katedyerson@gmail. com

To download our poster please CLICK HERE.

Thank you and do take a look at the allotment.