The Church of England also has a wonderful website called Christenings in the Church of England. Please do go and have a look as it answers many of the commonly asked questions and also provides very useful information on related topics, such as a parents' guide, the role of Godparents and suggestions for suitable gifts.

Baptism preparation meetings:

These are held several times a year and we require you to attend just one. These meetings are held in a very relaxed atmosphere. Please feel free to bring your child/children. There will be some toys, bean bags and arts/craft material for the children to use. These baptism preparation meetings are an opportunity:

  • For you to make yourself familiar with St Anne’s and the practicalities of the service.
  • For us to answer any questions that you might have about the form of service or any other details about the baptism.
  • For us to explore, together with you, the meaning of baptism and how we can help you to find practical ways in which you can live up to the promises you will be asked to make on behalf of your child at the baptism service.
  • For us to get to know you a little better and for you to make contact with other families preparing themselves for the baptism of their children.

Leading up to the baptism day

In the week before the baptism service, the member of clergy who will be conducting the service will arrange to call to see you in order to finalise all arrangements and to answer any last-minute questions.


You will need to choose some Godparents [we recommend 4 but the minimum is 2]. We need to emphasise that Godparents, in accordance with Church Law, must be baptised members of the Christian Church – Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, United Reformed Church, and the like. Church Canon Law States that:

 “No person shall be admitted to be a Godparent who has not been baptised and confirmed. Nevertheless the minister shall have power to dispense with the requirement of confirmation in any case in which, his/her judgement, need so requires”. (Church Canon Law B23 section 4)

You will see from the above that clergy have the discretion to accept Godparents who are not confirmed and willingly do so.  However, they do not have the discretion to waive the requirement for Godparents to be baptised. In view of this please do not ask anyone who is not baptised to be a Godparent. Adults who you would wish to be Godparents but are themselves not baptised will be welcome to become supportive friends, but are unfortunately not able to become formal Godparents. There is no maximum number of supportive friends but there must be a minimum of 2 Godparents per child (ideally with a gender balance).


We would be delighted to welcome you to join our weekly worship. We have an All Age Worship Service on the first Sunday of the month and there is a Junior Church for the children during the other Sunday services. We also have a regular family Teatime Service which takes place on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 4pm.

Not Living in Bagshot?

Families who live outside of Bagshot but wish their child to be baptised at St Anne's are required by Canon Law (B.22.5) to seek the goodwill of the incumbent of the parish in which they live. This generally is a straightforward process in which we can help you. 

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