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Quick Guide

As a parish we need to raise around £15,000 in order to ensure the sustainability and growth of our activities in 2020.

Our average giving per household at present is £14.15 per household per week (as opposed to the Diocesan average of £19.80).

Therefore would you please prayerfully consider the following: 

  • If you don’t have to think about a bottle of wine or a meal (or a day out) in your weekly budget – please would you consider giving the equivalent of that (£19.80 per household per week, or maybe more).
  • If you don’t give regularly at all yet, please would you sign up with either a Standing Order or a Direct Debit. If £19.80 per household per week is too much for you, perhaps you could start with half that amount and increase it gradually over the next three years?
  • If you are paying via envelopes please would you consider moving over to either a Standing Order or a Direct Debit.

If you are already giving sacrificially or are on a fixed income and cannot support us financially any more than you already do, we thank you for your continuing generosity and ask you to support us through prayer or practical help.

If you have any queries, then please contact us using the form below.

Parish Stewardship Prayer

 Gracious God, giver of all we have and hold as stewards, we are thankful for all that you have given us in this parish. We come before you realising that in order to minister to all your people in our care we will need more money. Help us to be open to your guidance as we handle what you have given us. Help us to remember that you supply our needs and not our wants. Help us to come to an understanding of what you are calling us to do and enable us to give generously. Amen.