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What is the current giving among the congregation?

There are currently 66 households who contribute regularly to St Anne’s. A chart on page 11 is showing the current range of contribution. The range is wide with an average of £14.15 per household per week, this is significantly less than the average giving within the Guildford Diocese of £19.80.

We are hoping that our Stewardship campaign will bring us at least to the level of the Diocesan average giving. This would ensure the sustainability of our church community as well as give us scope to grow exciting new projects, such as the ECO-Church initiative or our Youth and Children’s work.

How much should I give?

How much you should give to God’s work at St. Anne’s is a very personal decision and depends a lot on your own personal circumstances.  We don’t want to prescribe any set amount. But hope that you will find the two graphs on pages 11 and 12 as well as the ‘Quick Guide’ on page 13 helpful in identifying your own financial contribution and discerning the way ahead.

As you can see, there are some extremely generous people in our midst, without whose contribution our church could not do its work.

But it is not just the people towards the left side of the graph whose financial contribution is appreciated. Even if you find yourself towards the middle or lower end of the graph this does not necessarily mean that, relatively speaking, you’re giving less than those at the higher end of the graph.

Perhaps you are on a fixed income or pension, perhaps you’re struggling to make ends meet at the best of times, but still find some resources to support God’s work here at St. Anne’s. Your contribution, relatively speaking, might be higher than those who give out of their abundance – like the story of the widow in Luke 21.1-4. 

Wherever you find yourself on the graph, we hope that you will agree that the work of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and done by us all, must be adequately resourced in order to take place and be sustainable.

That is the purpose of our Stewardship campaign – to encourage you to consider if your financial contribution to the life and ministry taking place at St. Anne’s is at an appropriate level.

Wouldn’t you agree that a person who does not have to think twice if their weekly budget allows them to buy that special bottle of wine or to go out for a meal, could surely afford to support the life of our church with the average Diocesan contribution of £19.80 per household per week? Or perhaps you might be in a position to give more than that.

So, perhaps you do enjoy a few luxuries every week and have self-identified in the above graph as one of the supporters towards the lower side of the graph? In that case we would very much like you to consider increasing your financial contribution to the life and work of the parish. Or, perhaps you are not yet one of our regular givers, and feel it is time to become one.