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Our income and expenditure

PCC forecast for our income and expenditure in 2020

All of our activities require resourcing through time, energy, prayer, and also through money. The PCC presents an annual budget for 2020, the financial side of this resourcing, and the forecast for is below: 


What is the Parish Share?

The primary function of the Parish Share is to fund our local parish ministry and to ensure its continuity for the future.  Every parish in the Church of England pays a set amount (determined by a careful evaluation of its size, staffing levels, affluence levels etc.). The basic graphic below shows how the Guildford Diocesan budget (financed through the Parish Share contribution of each parish) is subdivided. St. Anne’s Parish Share contribution for 2020 is set at £76,600.



For more detailed information on the Diocesan Budget please see the Annual Diocesan Report

In addition to paying for the housing and the stipend of the local clergy, the training of new clergy and the diocesan support teams, the Parish Share is also used to supplement a number of poorer churches which are currently unable to pay their own Parish Share in full.  Many will remember that St. Anne’s was in that very same position a few years ago. Also, the Guildford Diocese, being one of the richer areas in England, has a responsibility to contribute more than some to the running costs of the national church.