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St Anne's Covid Update

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am sure you will have been following the recent news about the spread of the Omicron variant and the concerns raised by prominent scientists about the urgent need for all of us to reduce our social interaction to an absolute minimum. In the light of this growing concern, St Anne's Steering Group, in consultation with the PCC, has decided to put these additional covid measures in place. We have decided to:

  • encourage all attendees to take a (non-compulsory) LFT before coming to church (these can be obtained either from a pharmacy or ordered via the NHS Covid App)

  • limit attendance at any service to 60 people

  • cancel refreshments being served after the service for the foreseeable future

  • reinstate socially distanced seating (one household/bubble per pew) by closing every other pew

  • encourage you all to keep the queue for Holy Communion as short as possible

  • leave the church pew by pew, starting from the back and only socialise outside

  • continue other existing precautions i.e. wearing a mask throughout the service (unless exempt) and providing hand sanitiser.

As much as we have taken every reasonable measure to mitigate the risk of anybody contracting Covid when attending one of our services, we cannot guarantee a risk-free environment. It is therefore imperative that every worshipper planning on coming to St. Anne's over the next weeks will carefully consider their own vulnerability and the potential risk involved, especially when attending services which have a greater range of ages in attendance.

With all this in mind we hope to be able to welcome you either online or in person to our services over the coming weeks.

We wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year. Please do be in touch if you have any suggestions or worries.

Revd Andreas Sistig (vicar) – 07595542143.

22 Dec 2021)

Before you arrive:

  • Please consider taking a Lateral Flow Test before coming to church.

  • We encourage you to continue to make use of the QR codes displayed at the entrance and exit so Track and Trace can continue to keep us safe.

  • We continue to ask you to consider your own risk of attending an indoor gathering especially during periods of high infection rates.  While we will be taking a number of steps to keep you safe, we cannot make this risk-free. 

  • We ask you NOT to attend any services if you are symptomatic.

  • We will continue to provide hand sanitizing stations throughout the building and as much ventilation as possible.

  • Under the current circumstances you are obliged to wear a face covering for the entire time of being inside the building (unless exempt).

When you arrive

  • Please make use of the outdoor spaces to socialise and mingle before and after the service. Please do not socialise indoors.

  • On entry, please use the sanitising stations provided and find a pew that is not already occupied (we will allocate a pew to each bubble attending).

During the Service

  • The words you need for the service will be on a paper order of service as well as the green hymn book both of which you will find at the back of the church.

  • The service will be livestreamed via zoom or YouTube. Please be aware that there is a camera at the front left pillar of the church which covers the lectern, sanctuary steps and pulpit. If you don’t want to appear on the camera please sit in the side aisles and let the sidespeople know that you would like to receive Holy Communion or a blessing in the Stuart Chapel.

  • When we share the peace, please do not shake hands or come close to others. A verbal greeting or a friendly wave might be best under the current circumstances.

  • Holy Communion (bread only) will be administered as before at the steps leading into the choir area. Please approach as before, walking towards the front via the centre aisle. PLEASE KEEP THE QUEUE SHORT.

  • We will provide as much ventilation as possible, leaving some doors open.

At the end of the service

  • After the service, please continue to be mindful to maintain social distancing and leave the church pew by pew starting from the back. You are especially encouraged to use the forecourt and garden to meet and chat with friends.

  • Given the current Covid levels we will not serve any refreshments after the service.