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Below there are links to a wide range of resources, from recorded zoom services through to online retreats and lots more. If you come across something else that you think others might find useful then please let Andreas or Ellen know and we can add it to the page.

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A prayer for all those affected by the Coronavirus

Jesus Christ, you travelled through towns and villages curing every disease and illness.
At your command, the sick were made well. Come to our aid now, in the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus, that we may experience your healing love.
Heal those who are sick with the virus. May they regain their strength and health through quality medical care.
Heal us from our fear, which prevents nations from working together and neighbours from helping one another.
Heal us from our pride, which can make us claim invulnerability to a disease that knows no borders.
Be with the doctors, nurses, researchers and all medical professionals who seek to heal and help those affected and who put themselves at risk in the process. May they know your protection and peace.
Be with the families of those who are sick or have died. As they worry and grieve, defend them from illness and despair. May they know your peace.
Be with those whose jobs are uncertain, and with those whose pensions may not be secure as a result of CV19.
We pray that sense and restraint might prevail, coupled with increased state help to keep our society functioning.
Grant us all compassion and understanding in times which are uncertain and puzzling for us all.
Grant us strength and courage to see the job through and wrap us all in the sense of peace which passes all understanding.
Whether we are home or abroad, surrounded by many people suffering from this illness or only a few, Jesus Christ, stay with us as we endure and mourn, persist and prepare.
In place of our anxiety, give us your peace.
(adapted from a prayer by Kerry Weber)